Speaker/Sponsorship Request General Assembly

Thank you for your interest in supporting a Student Government General Assembly Meeting!

Deadline: Please submit this form at least two weeks before your requested meeting date.

During busy times, it takes up to three weeks to get time on the agenda.

Only UHCL students, faculty and staff may request time to speak at SG General Assembly meetings. Typically, student organizations present fund requests for general events and travel. Faculty and staff can announce workshops or events, and request volunteers.  You will be notified via email with your confirmed date and time. The maximum time allotted is three minutes.

If making a PowerPoint, email it to SG no later than Wednesday at 12 p.m. before your scheduled date.

Please select the dates you are interested in speaking for the Fall 2023 semester:

(If you select more than one date, please describe below if you would like to speak or sponsor each date selected or if you would like SG to pick the date that best aligns with availability.)
Would you be interested in sponsoring a meeting: (Sponsoring a meeting includes bringing snacks and/or promotional items for meeting attendees, tabling outside of the SSCB Lecture Hall, and the opportunity to speak for a maximum of 5 minutes at the beginning of the SG meeting.)
Once submitted, please expect a confirmation email within three business days. If you do not receive confirmation, please contact SGA@uhcl.edu.